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Unfortunately due to the pandemic I lost my business after 15 years, but I was lucky to find Armand Salon Suites. As a stylist I am thrilled with the layout of my suite, lighting, and the plentiful cabinets & shelving. As a former salon owner I am extremely pleased with the cleanliness of the facility-super clean, which is very important for clients. As well Armand is easily accessible if/when issues arise and efficient in resolving them. I appreciate that he checks in on us---and asks us how we are doing, and for our input. I am grateful to have found an affordable space that my clients and I can call  home now.

Michael V, Hair Stylist


I have been a tenant of Armand Salon Studios for a year now. First, the set up of the entire salon space is beautiful, with top of the line amenities. To have a space like that in the north side of Chicago feels like you're some place downtown. Clients certainly notice and are attracted to the layout and design of the building. The space is kept tidy, stocked, and  clean - there is a cleaning service that comes once a week, as well as the help from the landlord to do some extra tidying.

The landlord, Armand Candea, is extremely attentive and available, and is willing to work with you if there is anything that needs attention. He is personable and it is apparent that he wants his tenants to be happy and successful in his salons. He is present, which I believe to be of high importance when it comes to owning a business. As a Chicagoan and somebody who has dealt with numerous landlords, Armand has hands-down set a new standard.

If you have a steady book of loyal clientele and looking for the perfect space, Armand Salon Suites will exceed your expectations. You will be happy and more importantly your clients will be, too!

Julia L., Hair Stylist

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